Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Shuaib "shoobie" Saddique


    The captain of the team, a highly experienced in game leader, with 4 years of proficiency in the role within varying levels of teams Whilst shaping the future of the team, he constantly evolves his own game including studying the leadership aspect of team based sports to support his growth, and in turn the teams.

  • Richard "Zulu" Wood


    Zulu fills in our lurker role with a heavy impact on our team communications. Zulu is a constant threat with his ability to pick up all rifler roles and a true varied skill set. Each round the enemy will always have Zulu in the back of their mind. He is constantly keeping them on their toes yet still suprising them.

  • Samuel "SteMpy" Stemp


    Stempy has been playing Counter Strike for 14 years, originally playing Source before moving onto global offensive. Stempy’s immense time dedicated to the game has developed him into a pure headshot machine. His incredible aim and game sense makes him a key rifler for the team. Despite playing the game for years and developing his style, he is not afraid to adapt and constantly reviews his own playstyle to improve and push himself.

  • Reegan "ReeGaN" Ward


    Reegan is a promising young rifler with heaps of potential stored away. He was recognised as one of UKCS’ rising stars and is developing his skill constantly. Despite being the youngest on the team, he does not lose his nerve in tense situations. Being recognised as a “clutch minister” the round is never over till it’s over when reegans around.

  • Fraser "frayzehh" Sollom


    Frazeh takes up our IGl and Awper role on the team, two fundamental roles to ensure team success. Despite the pressure, Frazeh consistently delivers strong performances to secure the win and push the team. Frazeh has a reputable history in the scene with lots of ESEA and LAN experience with LAN wins at events such as i64 and Epic x Grovesnor.

  • Dylan "DyyLN" Dhokia


    Before taking up a coaching role, Dylan was an experienced player and IGL competing in many ESEA seasons and LAN events. Since then he has developed his CS knowledge previously coaching for Cex. Has a long lasting friendship with many members of the team, this allows him to create a friendly environment within the team but is not afraid to criticize the team in order to improve.