About Us

Revenge is an Esports brand founded back in 2012, the brand saw early success most notably in Call of Duty as one of the few orgs in history to make it to the Call of Duty World Championship Grand Final.

Fast Forward to 2020 and the brand is now UK based and looking to develop the best talent in Europe by implementing a culture and infrastructure that breeds success.

Our Mission is to create a professional environment that helps our players develop both in and outside the game as well as improving their personal brands so they can make the most out of their skill sets.



  • Conner Davey


    Conner is a very experienced Esports manager, with most of his experience being gained behind the scenes at teams such as dCypher and Cyclone, the time is now right for him to step into the limelight and help lead Team Revenge as our Chief Operating Officer. Conner will be heading large parts of the organisation as we look to become a powerhouse across the globe.

  • Rodrigo Nogueira


    Rodrigo is one of the most important pieces of the organization, with immense experience, and a deep vision of esports. He is the person in the background, multi-tasking to ensure the growth of the organisation.

  • Lewis O'Neill

    Creative Director

    The man behind the image. Lewis controls every creative aspect of Revenge. His talents allow us to express ourselves and show the world who we are. After cutting his teeth at Regnant Esports he is ready to take his expertise to the next level with Revenge.