by Conner Davey | May 10, 2020

Revenge has made the exciting announcement over the weekend of our entrance into the ever popular and growing League of Legends title. This comes with the recent announcement that we will be taking part in the UKLC open qualifiers which will be taking place at the start of June. With the exciting development of the NLC offering a combination of the top teams from the UK and Nordics it means that the UKLC has two remaining spots available for new organisations to have the opportunity to qualify for the upcoming summer split.

With the open qualifiers less then a month away it was important to start the search for the correct staff team to build a winning roster, so myself and Taz set out talking to coaches and team managers from across EU. This part of this process of entering LoL is probably the most important because if you get this part wrong the whole operation is affected, so it's important to find the right staffing team that share the same aspirations and goals you do so that the team can work as effectively as possible. After searching we found our team.

We are excited to work with the staff team we have built here at Revenge with the acquisitions of:

Mattia “Trickkle” Pietropaolo in the head coach role

Kwanhyung as the Team Manager

Daniele “Danic” Imola as the teams analyst

Tsuni as the assistant coach

With this Italian core of staff behind our team we are confident that we can put together a competitive roster that will secure us a good chance of making the UKLC.

This team has got a lot to prove and a lot of ambition to reach our goal of making it into the UKLC and we are excited to get started and show how far we can go in these qualifiers.

Coach Trickkle had this to add: ”I Joined Revenge, to make my road to UKLC scene
I'm confident in my method, my training and my staff.Let's get to the UKLC! We will have our revenge.”

Written by Ethan “Kaya” Holmes-Good
Head of Recruitment for Revenge

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